Pre Project:

  • Kannon Media will provide the client with an estimate or quote of costs involved in the development of the project, usually by email. If this initial estimate or quote is of interest, in the case of larger projects a more detailed proposal will be submitted if requested by the client. In the case of smaller projects (usually less than 600.00 € value) the initial email estimate or quote will be deemed as the project cost.
  • An anticipated finishing date will be agreed and Kannon Media will do its best to adhere to that but cannot guarantee to do so in the light of circumstances outside its control like delay in approval, number of changes, omissions, and additions.
  • Where in the instance that a time scale has been agreed, Kannon Media will not be responsible for any consequential losses to the client if the deadline is not met.

The Project:

  • The Client will provide Kannon Media with such information as may reasonably be required concerning the client’s project and will answer queries and provide decisions and approvals which may be reasonably necessary for Kannon Media to complete the Project. The Client is responsible for ensuring that such information and answers are given promptly and are accurate and complete.
  • Kannon Media cannot be held responsible for delays in completing the project due to the Client’s inability to provide information timely and/or delays in procuring Internet Merchant IDs or any other 3rd party delays.
  • A deposit of 50% non-refundable is required before work commences on the project. Further deposit to progress project work may be required to account for revisions, budget, and schedule overruns.
  • 100% payment is required for any hardware, software, web hosting or other out-of-pocket expenses that may be required to complete the project, as mentioned within the quote, estimate or proposal.

Project Commencement:

  • The Project will commence once the Client has provided Kannon Media with the necessary details as outlined in the project quote. This could include but may not be limited to such things as company details, design requirements, down payments/deposits, 3rd party expenses, website content, photographs, brochure layout preferences and dimensions, etc.
  • Once the first design draft has been produced, Kannon Media will email the demo link to the client. This draft will be a static image representation of the layout and design of the site or brochure and will not be functional in any way or form.
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