Leis de Buds - Kannon Media Success Case

100 Extra sales per month at 5x ROAS for Canadian eCommerce client


Our client, Leis de Buds (www.leisdebuds.com), sells organic flower arrangements in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area.

They compete with the largest national providers that can offer a lower price but are not sourcing local produce.

Leis de Buds sources 100% of their flowers from local producers. They offer next-day delivery and same-day delivery.


We focused on a Google Search + Display strategy for this client. The reason is we could use Google Search campaigns segmenting by brand, competitors, and general keywords and use the client’s existing imagery for Display campaigns.


We saw great performance with both Search and Display campaigns, achieving CTRs between 8-24% and generating over 100 new sales per month at a fraction of the cost from other channels.

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